Mr. Malik: What are you waiting for? Raid now!

A few weeks ago myself and an entire generation of Pakistanis and anti-terror folks around the world demanded a cross-border action against the TTP terrorists.

Today the Interior Minister Rehman malik has warned of a “secret operation” in Afghanistan against Maullana Fazlullah and Faqirullah “if they do not halt their terrorist activity in Pakistan.”

What nonsense. Why would Mr. Malik announce a “secret operation”? Why is he sending threats against Fazlullah and Faqirullah? Why hasn’t he already ordered the operation? Is the ISI sleeping? Is the army drinking sattoo? First Malik squeamishly demands “extradition”, now he issues this silly threat. We are sure the TTP and its foreign sponsors isn’t shaking in its boots from the Malik threat

Malik said “if any Pakistani was killed in the future, an operation would be conducted against terrorists hiding in Afghanistan.”

What garbage. How many more Pakistanis need to die before the TTP is decapitated and decimated?

“We will reply if there is any activity from Afghanistan,” Malik said.


Malik added that “he would provide details regarding the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in his upcoming book.”

Anything less than “I did it” would be unacceptable! He really needs to explain his actions post murder–when he took off in the back-up vehicle. He also needs to explain his connection with Shahanshah and and who killed Shahanshah. Malik also needs to shed light on the strange actions of Shahashah while benazir was making a speech at Liaqat Bagh.


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