The facade of the India & Pakistan talk

Very poor cosmetic surgery will never take away the scars and when the cretins in the corridor of Pakistani power tell India that Pakistan is prepared to look to the future and not our history you are so wrong.

Krishna made unacceptable statements about Pakistan and its links to International terrorism and linking the talks to the Mumbai attack before his arrival. He is a diplomatic therefore satisfies all corners of Idnian society and continues charge an innocent Pakistan.

This is a Politician who has no real credible plan for peace and is using diplomacy to jostle for a greater role in Central Asia. It is clear at the back of this facade is America who feels they can make these two countries come together without a real push for a framework of Peace.

Pakistan can never give up Kashmir and India has made it clear she will never give up the occupation of India and the UN resolution will continue to stand against India.

Pakistan is owed so much by India and without India delivering what belongs to Pakistan, these two neighbours can never ersolve their differences and will continue to play the other off in a post American invasion of Afghanistan.

An empty series of meetings, empty promises and the usual cosmetic surgery to hide the scars of partition and 2 centuries of divisions left by the British.

I will say if India has the conviction to peace and give Kashmiris their self determination and remove forces from Siachen, return Sir Creek, Manvadar and Junagadh. At the same time drastically change her Pakistan centric hatefilled media & foreign policy she will have so much to gain.

Pakistan too will then stop her hostile Indian centric foreign policy and Pakistan too will stop supporting separatist movements inside India.

Together Pakistan & india can link Central Asia, North Asia with South Asia & The Asia Pacific. We can make this Asia’s century a region with far more potential than Europe. Instead we will remain fragmented as nations across Asia and non Asian state actors will take advantage of these divides, monopolising on the potential we have as one to make themselves prosperous.

Bold moves will be needed from India if real Peace is to come about & I speak as a Kashmiri and a Pakistani, we in Pakistani will only then appreciate the gesture of friendship which will be reciprocated.

We as a nation had nothing to do with Mumbai and certainly our ISI and government had nothing to do with Mumbai while India continues to arm, fund terrorists from within Afghanistan to kill, main Pakistani men, women and children.

I talk about the sold out Sardars of Baloch that have never represented the proud and patriotic Balochis. I talk about Tereek-e-Taliban and I talk about the attrocities of Indian military in Kashmir.

Why does Pakistan suddenly excuse Indian aggression, attrocity towards Pakistani people. 65 years of aggression, hate for Pakistan and 2 centuries of hatred for the Muslim inhabitants of the Indus sonce the white man set foot on the sub continent.

There will be no movement by India on Siachen, Sir Creek, Junagadh, Manvadar and they will never allow peace and tranquility to flourish in Jammu & Kashmir. Jammu & Kashmir which has seen a rise in attacks on innoent Muslim Kashmiris this year, thousands of year old masjids burnt, desecration of the noble Qu’ran Al Furqaan on numerous incidents across Kashmir.

India has absolute contempt for an Islamic Kashmir and has no intention to give Kashmiris their right to a fere and fair plebiscite as agree through a UN resolution.

India and our contact with Indians winessed daily on this and many sites have contempt for Pakistan and Pakistanis and we have equally returned that favour.

If India really seeks a stable and progressive Pakistan she will have to accept Pakistan as an equal, bring peace to Kashmir and stop meddling in Pakistani politics nor plotting terror inside Pakistan.

If India really seeks a stable and progressive Pakistan she needs to curn her home grown Hindu terrorists and stop defaming Islam and mistreating Muslims which has direct repercussions on her relationship with the Islamic rrepublic of Pakistan.

If India really wants peace Pakistan needs to understand it should stop demonising Pakistanis and control her scavangerous media against Pakistan and Pakistanis.

For us a real sign of Peace is resolving Kashmir, returning Sir Creek, Manvadar, Junagadh to Pakistan. A complete stop of Indian terrorist activities in West & Central Asia aimed at Pakistan.

We do not need bollywood and visas we need conviction and tangible tokens of a real friendship.


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